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Back To School... Sports Injuries

As of writing, school just got out. So why are we talking back to school already? Because like it or not, school sports are a serious deal! Practices start soon, and training has already begun. Make sure you and your athletes are prepared for the season by paying attention to individual needs of eac

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5 Common CrossFit Injuries To Watch Out For In Your Regimen

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that has taken off in popularity in recent years. No longer is it reserved for hardened military types, but everyone from lanky teens with MMA dreams to spritely seniors are taking advantage of the full-body workouts. As CrossFit combines a wide range

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Sports Taping vs. Bracing - Which Is Right For Your Injury

Both taping and bracing are just a part of life for every athlete. No matter what the injury is, even after ample time off to rest and heal, it needs a little support to allow athletes to return to their previous level of competition. While both taping and bracing can greatly reduce risk of re-injur

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Keep Bench Time Down With Prevention And Treatment

The popularity of football has continued to grow over the past few decades, but with it come injuries associated with playing a competitive sport. Whether playing in school, college, or in a professional or community league, common football injuries can be treated and prevented with the ri